Executive Engagements

Executive Engagements at Spearstone



Elevating Leadership, Mastering Markets

At Spearstone, we understand that leadership is both an art and a science. Our Executive Engagements arm provides a sanctuary for C-suite executives seeking to refine their strategic prowess and operational effectiveness. With personalized coaching and actionable insights, we nurture the mastery needed to steer companies through volatile markets and towards scalable triumphs.


A Symphony of Experience and Vision

Executive Engagements at Spearstone is not merely about advice; it's about action. Our seasoned experts, like Michael Boonstra and Lance Douglas, bring to the table over 5 decades of combined experience in driving high-performance teams and optimizing sales strategies. We tailor our coaching to align with the unique narratives of each executive, encouraging an integration of sales, marketing, and product storytelling that conveys the core values and promises of your brand.


Legacy Meets Innovation

Navigating the demanding landscape of business leadership requires a harmonious blend of legacy and innovation. At Spearstone, we hone the fine balance—driving traditional values of diligence and integrity with contemporary strategies that speak to today's fast-paced commercial ecosystem.

Strategy & Operations Coaching

Cultivate your leadership acumen with Spearstone’s Strategy & Operations Coaching at CPO.ONE.


Through bespoke mentorship, CPO.ONE is tuned to sharpen decision-making processes, enhance product strategies, and streamline operations. Our dedicated experts, led by Lance Douglas, guide you in architecting business frameworks that foster innovation, performance, and sustainable growth.

Sales & Go-to-Market Coaching

Accelerate your revenue growth with Spearstone’s Sales & Go-to-Market Coaching at CRO.ONE.


Currently in private beta, CRO.ONE specializes in leading B2B startups from inception to revenue-positive. Under the leadership of Michael Boonstra, our executive sales leader, we deliver a proven B2B Zero to Revenue Program to find, close, and grow your initial client base.