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About Spearstone

Spearstone was founded in 2019 as a group of industry veterans to tackle the gnarliest and most important challenges facing government, enterprise, startups, and society in general.


We are a boutique firm that specializes in understanding human behaviour to address the elusive trifecta of winning results: the right people, doing the right thing, at the right time.  From strategy, investment governance, and market analysis to sales, marketing, and software development, Spearstone can be a force-multiplier, a secret weapon in your back pocket, and a set of shoulders for you to stand upon to achieve tangible success. 


The name Spearstone comes from the concept that what really matters for our clients is what actually hits the target.  The stone at the tip of the spear is what we help clients discover, prove, and sharpen for immediate and long-term repeatable success.

Founder, Chief executive officer

Lance G. Douglas

Business, Product, and GTM Leader

Leader in the Business of Creating Value


Lance is an experienced executive and entrepreneur, and patented inventor, with a passion for helping organizations achieve their full potential, fast. With over 25 years of experience in executive, product management, strategy, and innovation roles serving Government, Fortune 10, and startups, Lance has developed a proven methodology that combines entrepreneurial culture with investment rigour to drive measurable results.


Lance is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations develop and deliver on the skills and strategies they need to succeed in today's fast-paced business environment. He works closely with clients, from board of directors through to individual contributors, to identify unique challenges and opportunities, and moves mountains out of the way for lasting success.

Lance G. Douglas

Chief revenue officer

Michael (Mike) Boonstra

Executive Sales Leader

Builder of High-Performance Teams


Mike brings over two decades of experience in sales and revenue optimization to his role as Chief Revenue Officer. With a strong background in building high-performing sales teams and implementing data-driven strategies, Mike is responsible for driving revenue growth and enhancing customer relationships at Spearstone. Prior to joining Spearstone, Mike held various leadership roles at leading technology companies, where Mike successfully implemented innovative sales tactics and expanded market reach.


Mike thrives when guiding startups and enterprises on topics related to go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing alignment, and product marketing-driven sales and storytelling.

Michael (Mike) Boonstra

Senior Product Coach

Max Kotov

Technical Product Leader

Builder of High-Value Global Products


Max is an established product leader with a proven track record in steering teams towards innovative solutions and operational excellence. His expertise lies in translating complex technical challenges into streamlined, user-focused products.

Max's career includes significant stints at leading companies like Raptive, Drizly, and Wayfair, where he honed his skills in driving product development and strategy. Known for his user-centric approach, Max excels in enhancing user experiences through technology, making him an ideal coach for those aspiring to excel in product management. His guidance is rooted in practical, real-world experiences, offering invaluable insights for developing effective product management and cross-functional leadership strategies, fostering professional growth.

Max Kotov